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Welcome to Paarisha By Chinanshu


About Us: 

Paarisha, based in Bangalore is a sustainable handcrafted Jewellery line that beautifully blends traditional Indian influences with modern silhouettes to create one-of-a-kind unique pieces.Conceptualized and hand-crafted by Jewellery designer Chinanshu Sharma, the jewellery line features delicate and intricate pieces made for the modern woman, echoing her taste in everything unique.

Each Paarisha piece is exclusive and made entirely by hand, incorporating different techniques and colours to make the wearer feel beautiful.Every piece of jewellery is made by women in our studio. PAARISHA Jewellery is very distinctive and elegantly stylish. It is intricately woven, yet striking and feminine.Setting standards for style, design, detailing, quality and elegance, each Paarisha piece is one-of-a-kind. Unusual and vibrant colours combined with stone and metal embellishments are the basis for these designs, crafted with techniques that are age-old and yet contemporary.

The Paarisha line of jewellery retails online and also from Bangalore studio - Whitefield.We have worked on numerous projects with other design houses and designers both nationally and internationally.  Some of these include Canada, US, Australia New Zealand, Africa and Much more in India. 


About the designer:

The Creative heart behind the brand is Chinanshu Sharma, in her words- I am a boring banker turned Designer.Chinanshu Studied designing at IIGJ Jaipur after a sabbatical from her banking career and there has been no looking back. Her unique style has evolved ever since and now Paarisha jewellery stands for innovation and new styles, each one different from the previous one.Paarisha means pursuer of artistic expression and that’s what Paarisha has been for Chinanshu- her creative journey of expression.  Inspiration comes from everywhere- it can be a small conversation with a stranger, rain, travel or simple textures in nature. She likes to start her day at the studio on the workbench, experimenting with materials.

 Her mantra in life is- No skill acquired in life goes waste.




 Why we do what we do?

In our endeavour to make the world more beautiful place, we experiment with new materials. Innovation is the key at Paarisha studio and there is never a dull day at work. We have worked with a variety of materials like recycled motor parts, bark cloth, banana fibre, denim, yarns, Raffia, Chords, found objects, metal, stones, wood and much more because we love to add newness and break typecasts. In doing so we employ Women who are the heroes of their lives and inspiration for all.

If you are in Bangalore, do come by to our studio, we love to show you our world and work.



Wearing Paarisha, is wearing your very own piece of art!

Contact Us: paarishadesign@gmail.com